5th RRU Det D - 1966

Tom Langenfeld  Recovered from Bill Bogart's old 7th Web Site

A lot of the construction shots I took on behalf of the ASA Pacific staff which wanted me to document the building of the field station.
I took the photos, mailed them to Helemano (HQ, ASA Pacific), and they then sent an extra print of each shot back to me.
Here now are some photos my years experience at "Detachment D, 5th RRU," as we were known for most of my tour in 1966

An aerial shot of the eventual location of the 7th RRFS.
Note just left of center in vortex of main highway and road to post, is "tent city."

I think this view is from across "Freedom Highway" looking east.

This is the main entrance before concrete poured.

Front entrance 'to be'.

This was our "hot" Plymouth Station wagon the Bangkok 83rd SOU/5th RRU sent up to us. A bit more comfortable than the jeep.

Original construction site for the 7th RRFS-early earth moving.

Friendship Highway to the right. (Udorn is 10 miles to the right) Supplies are starting to arrive.

Looking northeast.

Tent city with troop tents to left. Ban Non Soong is across highway.

More "tent city."

This is where the BOQ/Office tents went up. To the right is the shelter + original Ops Vans- 6 expandable vans that
had been used at Clark, Saigon, Bangkok, Phu Bai and then Udorn- in that order I think. (Note antenna field in back.)

I believe this is the "club"- doesn't look so good from the exterior.

The Club. Great place to cool off and relax, as the club had the only air conditioning. Shift workers really appreciated this place.
We got the plywood (floors + walls) roofing material, refrigerator, A/C etc all from the Air Force Base.

Original "mess hall" while we lived in tent city.

This is a water point. Upgraded for construction operations. Locals could still draw their own water here.

New well being drilled-near site of original local well.

Building the field station water tank.

Locals building water tank.

Antenna Field.

Antenna field on right. Original water well on left (one of the reasons the site was picked) Ban Non Soong in background.

This is about as automated as construction got. Gas-powered cement mixer.

This was getting real high-tech-concrete truck-but note the pails that delivered the concrete.
"Rob" (our interpreter) in the center with the sunglasses.

Water tank on right and one of the 1st permanent buildings under construction.

One of the first buildings at the 7th RRFS. Note concrete columns.

This was the way the field station was built-reinforced concrete columns, crude brick fill,
then plaster/stucco over the bricks.

Major McLeroy.

2nd LT. Ron Kline.

I can not recall the NCO's name. Think he was our Maintenance chief.

Capt. Tom Sims pulling the "topknot" of a Chinese boy at the Pastuer Institute in Bangkok.
I think he was one of our first company commanders.
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