7th RRFS - 1966 - 1976

Photos from Unknown Source - Recovered from Bill Bogart's old 7th Web Site

A Tour of Ramasun

OOPs!!! How'd the Fabulous Mr M get in here?

A close-up aerial view of the 7th.

The Thai Police station on the way from Udorn to the 7th.

The main gate to the 7th just off Friendship Highway and across the road from Non Soong.

The "Long March" from the main gate to Headquarters.

Headquarters of the 7th Radio Research Field Station

Back to the main gate - Non Soong-Up the road to Udorn Air Base-on a plane
and back to the world. If you so desire. For the more daring, please continue.

You don't want to be thrown in here if you decide to leave.
Unless you are a giant Mongoose that is.

Spendid accomodations await you at this "Jewel of Southeast Asia" paradise. Please...no tipping.

Nice diggs Huh? But we had no ladies in Army green when I was there.

Officer and Senior NCO territory.

Well maintained working atmosphere in air-conditioned rooms (with no windows),
lots of radio gadgets and all the black coffee you can drink. And you're gonna need
it if you work 12 hour shifts like we did when I was there.
(Hope they finally got the leaky roof fixed).

The Big Ear. Or as the Thais called it, "The Elephant Cage". No matter what you called it...
man was that mother huge. It wasn't there when I served. But the dirt piles getting ready to
build the monster were. We used vertical antennas then. Had to pull guard duty on the dirt piles though.

Different views of the FLR-9

Different views of the FLR-9

Different views of the FLR-9

Different views of the FLR-9

Hey! Nobody said it was a rough life. Why do you think guys Re-upped for the 7th?

Robert tells me this may be a picture on Non Soong, the little ville just outside the main gate
at the 7TH. When I first got to Udorn, the main gate was back up over the hill closer to post.
I think at some point after Tet (in 68) they moved it out closer to the main road. It just made it
farther for some of us "party animals" to have to walk when coming in from a wild nite on the town.

Picture at sunset looking towards the new NCO Club under construction with FLR-9 in background to right.

A picture of the gym under construction in 1972.

This is a picture of the Gym after completion sometime in 1973.

This is a picture of Alpha Company's Orderly Room. I have not got the slightest idea
what company I was in while there. All I remember is sleeping, working 12 hour shifts
and heading for town. We only had one inspection that I can recall and only one ceremony.
I think that was when the Unit got an ARCOM just after Tet. I may be wrong about that also.
We were a rag-tag bunch in the earlier years.

ARDF flyby preceding the "change of command" ceremony for Col. J.J. McFadden

Change of Command Ceremony

Colonel McFadden saying goodbye to the troops.

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