Harry Moritz
I went from Chaing Mai in the spring of 66.. I’ll look up the exact date in my records, but I think it was April or May of 66. We went straight into the tents of course, and started work on setting up the Det D DF site just north of the tent compound, towards the main Udorn road. In fact there was a path from the site to the back of the "HQ" tent/hut from the site.
We were in the tents for quite a while, I remember one ASA "Birthday" party there with the free beer in the "Club"/hut behind the mess hall. I recall the move into the permanent operations building and the first constructed permanent resident buildings the following year.
I am believe that the Name change occurred about the time we moved into the new permanent operations building. I remember the "Mad-Nudist of Non Soong" getting caught by the MP’s while smuggling a trash can full of beer into the new barracks during the second ASA Birthday bash celebrated at Udorn. That was when we were already living in the new barracks but still working in the vans.
From the DF Side we were reporting bearing results using CW to Bangkok (while we were outstation Det "D" of the KR3B net control. The Det D callsign was HB27 at that time.
When we started flashing from Udorn, using the "D" channel marker (and one-time-pad series), was right near the end of operations at the operations truck grouping. I recall flashing "D" missions for a short while from the SIT truck but that effort did not last for long when both DF Flash and RFP Operations were move into the SIT room in the new building.
I have a couple of really funny tales about that transition and working in the permanent building, I’ll write when I get to them.
After all this, I believe that the move of operations into the new building during the spring of 67, and about that same time the name change happened. It really never meant much to us, since our SIT (DF/RFP) missions gradually evolved over a period of a few months, into the new ones from the new building. Never a "Name Change" on a specific date
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