Info about Detachment D - Phanom Sarakham from Frederick "Rick" Hartmann

Thanks for adding me to the roster. Yes there was a Det. D in Phanom Sarakham. We were a DF site with a couple of Signal Corps guys from the 325th Signal BN., 10-05's,1-33G,and 1-E-7 NCOIC.  I started out in Udorn then was shipped down to Seri Court where I waited for a ride to Phanom.  When I got there it was still a work in progress.  We had our own generators. water was trucked in, and we made runs to Bangkok for food and supplies (beer and smokes).  We had a TRD/15,and a T-368 Transmitter.   It was pretty good duty not much in the way of regulation.  The site was located next to an airstrip which I was able to locate on Google Earth on Rte. 304 (Phanom Sarakham Airport)just down the road from Phanom.  One other person on the roster was there after me his name is Mike Salomone

I Arrived at the 7th RRFS January 1970,transferred down to Det. D March 1970, left Thailand January 1971.I don't know when Det. D was started.  When I got there I worked out of a IRMA truck.  We lived in Porta-Camps. I finally got a Porta-Camp for my shop and transmitter which I shared with the Signal Corps guys.  We were adjacent to an airstrip, east of the town of Phanom on Rte. 304, and we would get our pay flown in once a month by a U-6.  The Thais would shoot touch and goes once in awhile with their Helio-Couriers.

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