13 Jan 1970 Ubon RTAFB Sapper Attack After Action Report
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SUBJECT:  Sapper Attach at Ubon RTAFB (U)

1.  (C)  On 13 Jan 70, the 8th USAF Security Police Squadron Detec-
ted and engaged a sapper team that had penetrated Ubon RTAFB,
killing five CT before the sappers caused any material damage.
Responding to a call for assistance from a USAF dog handler, who
was fired upon by the intruders, Quick Reaction and Special Action
Team blocked the sappers' advance and, utilizing fire and maneuver,
closed on and killed the intruders.  In addition to accounting for
five Czech 7.65 mm machine pistols, the security forces also re-
covered 35 one-half pound plastic explosive charges, 9 fragmentation
and concussion hand grenades, about 30 magazines of 7.75 MM ammuni-
tion, and four bayonet type knives.

2.  (C)  Coordination with and response from Provincial police in
securing area outside the perimeter was outstanding.  Thai Security
Guard members of QRT and SAT engaged the enemy in a commendable

3.  (C)  Friendly casualties included one wounded USAF Security
Policeman (not seriously) and one K-9 killed and one K-9 wounded.

4.  (C)  The overwhelming success in repulsing this determined
sapper effort is attributed to a number of factors which are included
here as excellent examples of sound base defense procedures/opera-

a.  Responding to intelligence reports received before midnight

on 12 Jan, the base increased its security condition to YELLOW while

members of the 8th Security Police Squadron assumed a modified


 b.  Notification of personnel and agencies concerned both

internal and external, was complete and rapid.  cooperation exhibi-

ted reflected effective prior planning and coordination with RTG


c.  Response to report of intruders on base was immediate and

professional.  QRT and SAT cut off intruders and, exhibiting remark-

able fire discipline during an extended fire fight, closed with and

killed the sappers.  During the battle, action was closely monitored

and controlled in Central Security Control and supported by illumi-

nation fired from 81mm mortars.  The self-evident results achieved

can be directly attributed to the high state of training and

frequent rehearsals of reaction plans.

d.  Reporting of incidents as they occurred to higher head-

quarters was timely, unemotional, and extremely factual.  Updates

were made as additional information became available.

5.  (U)  The actions of the 8th USAF Security Police Squadron at
Ubon prior to and throughout the encounter indicated a professional-
ism worthy of emulation at all US tenanted installations, large or small.

Signed by; LTC Dennis S. Greene