Anonymous – Many sources

( To the tune of 'The Ballad of the Green Berets", by SSgt Barry Sadler. It is helpful to remember the colors of the old ASA shoulder patch for the first two verses. )

Drunken soldiers always high
Dropouts from old Sigma Phi
Men who B S all the way
These are the men from the ASA.

Plastic cans upon our ears
We've been cleared and  we're not queers
One hundred men will test today
But only three make the ASA.

Trained to go from bar to bar
That's the life that's best by far
Men who drink will seldom fight
And the ASA drinks through the night

On a mid, a trick chief waits
For of his men are coming in late
Men who drink among the best
'Another drink', their last request.

A teal blue scarf 'round my son's neck
Makes my son a nervous wreck
One hundred men re-upped today
But not a one from the ASA.

Black is for the night we fear
Blue is for the water we don't go near
White is for the flag we fly
Yellow is the reason why.

Red is for the blood we shed
As you see, there is no red
One hundred men re-upped today
But not a one for the ASA.