"Vern Greunke" <heyvern@asalives.com>

is the owner of the http:ASALives.org website linked below


Dear Fellow ASA Veterans

 Having maintained this database since about 1995 and at no cost to your,

 as in FREE, No Membership Fees, I do thank you for your support over these

 last 15 years when you have graciously purchased the ASA Challange Coin,

 various pins, and patches and articles of clothing through the drop-ship

 store at www.cafepress.com/armyasa.

 Recently my brother in law created a new ASA Song or Anthem, which I

 thought would be a treat for the troops. A song aboutUS! and includes a

 small morse code track in the background in places, just for fun!

 However though a few have indeed been gracious and offered a generous more

 than the .99 cent dowload charge, the number of people downloading has

 been in truth, a big disappointment.

 This new song was months in making with lyric and melody revisions, and

 then added musical trackes by professionall musicians and then numerous

 hours to mix it down to fhe final version.

 In leue of any compensation to me for maintaining this database for the

 last 16 years, I would really appreciate support for the efforts of this

 musical team, 99 cents! that is all that is asked. 99 cents. Pay Pal, or

 any Credit Card easily used.

 If you indeed download it, and like it, PLEASE tell someone else,share a

 notice on your facebook page, tell others on your ASA Talk Lists. Spead

 the Word! I am leaning on you all ... one more time. Thanks! ASA LIVES!


 http://asalives.org/asa-keep-the-faith/ ALL proceeds go to two verified

 charities, I get NOTHING from this effort.

 (Remember ... you really need to listen to the song through headphones or

 earbuds ... laptop and computer speakers just don't have the dynamic range

 this song employs!