Agent Orange Exposure Question

I served at Ramasun with the USAF from 4/69 to 4/70.  I'm trying to find if others stationed at Ramasun have experienced health problems due to possible exposure to Agent Orange.  I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  I know that the VA lists PC as a "presumptive" condition for vets who were in Vietnam for any length of time.

 I know that my flight to and from Thailand landed in Viet Nam, but I don't have any documents to prove this.

Any info would be helpful. TKS

 Phil Breen
Las Cruces, NM

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USDR (Uniformed Services Disabled Retirees)

SUPPORT S 1939 - The Agent Orange Equity Act of 2009

S 1939 - Agent Orange Equity Act of 2009


Last Chance for "Blue Water Sailors"


Please send the following editable message to your Senators --

I strongly urge you to co-sponsor and support S 1939, the Agent Orange Equity Act of 2009, introduced by Sen Gillibrand, as companion legislation to HR 2254 which now has more than 200 cosponsors.

This legislation would expand the legal presumption of exposure to Agent Orange for veterans who served in the vicinity of Viet Nam. 

Before 2002, it didn't matter where a veteran served in the Vietnam War. If disabled due to the exposure to the terrible poisons in the air and waterways, the VA would pay disability compensation. In February 2002, Congress decided to 'save our taxpayers money' and ordered VA to implement a 'foot on the ground' policy. After this policy revision, only service members who actually set foot on the ground in Vietnam could get compensated for medical conditions caused by Agent Orange and other herbicides that were routinely sprayed. The soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines serving in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos and the China Sea were ineligible for compensation even though they were contaminated by these toxins just like their brothers in arms who served on the ground, in Vietnam itself 

Thus, 38 US Code Section 1116, defines a Viet Nam veteran as "a veteran who, during active military, naval, or air service, served in the Republic of Vietnam during the period beginning on January 9, 1962, and ending on May 7, 1975.."  The Department of Veterans Affairs follows the Congressional mandate of "boots on the ground" which excludes most Navy and Air Force personnel who have Agent Orange related issues but who can not prove "boots on the ground."

S 1939 would clarify and correct this section by redefining a Viet Nam veteran as one who during active military, naval, or air service (a) served in the Republic of Vietnam (including the inland waterways, ports, and harbors of such Republic, the waters offshore of such Republic, and the airspace above such Republic) during the period January 9, 1962 -  May 7, 1975; (b) served in Johnston Island during the period April 1, 1972 - September 30, 1977; or (c) received the Vietnam Service Medal or the Vietnam Campaign Medal.

Again, please co-sponsor and actively support S 1939.