Guard Training Center, Petaluma. Interestingly, one reason Petaluma was chosen over Two Rock was that Petaluma appeared on many maps whereas Two Rock did not. This was considered important for Coast Guard members who would be trying to locate the base when traveling to it.

Immediately after the training center opened, Subsistence Specialist school began training Coast Guard cooks. Soon after that, Storekeeper school opened. Approximately 6 months later the Radioman School opened. In April of 1972, less than a year after it opened, the base was fully loaded with students.

Located in the rolling hills of the Two Rock Valley, this large training command provides apprentice level training for seven enlisted career fields and manages CG-wide training in leadership and Total Quality Management for personnel at all levels of the organization. The unit provides performance technology courses in basic instructor skills and course designing skills. The Training Center also provides courses for emergency medical technicians, maritime law enforcement, and computer operation and management. The Training Center consists of over 800 acres with 219 buildings, including 129 family units, a fully staffed clinic, a chapel, a small police and fire department, and over 200,000 square feet of training facilities.

Today, the Training Center operates no less than 10 schools offering 50 courses to approximately 4000 students a year. In addition to Coast Guard military and civilian employees, the Training Center also provides training to international students.

Source: U.S. Coast Guard Training Center Petaluma