Robert "Rudy" Rudolph
327th CRC/29th RSM USAFSS - 1954 _ Bangkok & Chiang Mai, Thailand

This is a picture of the planes refueling in Saigon in 1954 for our group of ASA and USAFSS.

Picture of me at Don Muang Airport B.O.Q. where we stayed about 30 days and set up shop.

Wood burning train that we went to Chiang Mai on from Bangkok in September 1954.
We had our own box car with our equipment.
It took 26 hours and we sat on the steps in the doorway of the passenger car for most of the trip.

This bill was from hotel in Chiang Mai dated October 2, 1954. We stayed here about 30 days (660 BAHT) while working.

Ping River at Chiang Mai near where we did our work

Elephants and teak wood in N.E. (Siam) Thailand.

This temple is on the highest point in Chiang Mai near where we set up shop in 1954.

Miao Tribesman (Hmong) This guy will look familiar to a lot of ASA'ers.

Sword and knife from Miao Tribe (Hmong) in N.E. Thailand 1954 in possession of Bob “Rudy” Rudolph.

Same swords in the cases

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