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Robert "Little Pete" Peterson - 2 Pictures from 1967
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Peter Komada -Temple Rubbings 1964
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Peter Komada - Around Town
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Peter Komada - Pataya
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Peter Komada - Suzy Bar
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Peter Komada - Seri Court
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Robert "Little Pete" Peterson - Memorabilia

Info About Seri court from Lewis Drake Added 08/10/2013

There is a new 30 story condo next to the old Seri Court site.  I plan to drive by sometime in the next few days to see if the old Seri Court site owners are giving in to the development bug - there are a couple of other new condos in the immediate area - now a prime location and very convenient with the Skytrain mass transit close by - sure hope I can get myself moving on checking out the Palace House site too - will keep you up to date - I am attaching a Google Earth image showing the new condo next to the old Seri court site

Lew Drake

Google Earth View of Seri Court & The Crest


Captions added to 1967 - 1969 Melvin Woppman - Bangkok Pictures
Captions provided by Lewis Drake Aug 25, 2013
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Robert "Little Pete" Peterson - Friends
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Melvin Woppman - Bangkok
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James "Jerry" Allison Palace House
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Randy Hooton 256th RRU & Bangkok
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Mark Stuart Seri Court 1969
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John Bowers Seri Court 2010
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Garland Brantley Jr 1965 - 1965




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